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Traditions and Ideas for Christmas

  1. Choose a theme for gifts between families. For example: home storage, wall decorations, homemade, etc.
  2. Christmas pillowcases. Make out of Christmas fabric for everyone in the family to use during December.
  3. Christmas story time. Read a Christmas story s a family each night in December.
  4. Play a 12 days of Christmas surprise for a neighbor. For each of the 12 days, deliver a surprise, For example: Basket of fruit, loaf of bread and jam, sing carols, homemade candy, ornaments, poinsettia plant, cookies, hang their light, shovel their snow, put up their tree, invite them to dinner, a personal gift.
  5. Family caroling, and let each family member have some type of instrument: kazoo, harmonica, drum, bell, etc.
  6. Give children an ornament each ear of their own. When they get married, give them those ornaments for their tree in their home.
  7. Tie each child's gift with a different colored ribbon. color code each child.
  8. Family Nativity. Each member acts out a part while one reads the Christmas story from the bible. (Matthew 1 & 2, Luke 2)
  9. Make family treats and deliver them to all your neighbors.
  10. Christmas Elves. Exchange names with family members, then do  secret acts of kindness for that person during the week. Draw new names for each week of December.