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Family Christmas Giftt Ideas

  1.  Family Video
  2. Home storage items
  3. Camping equipment
  4. Kitchen equipment, gadgets
  5. Book
  6. Computer games, software
  7. Cd's
  8. Holiday decoration
  9. Home decor
  10. Home necessities (sheets, towels, blankets, broom, mop, dust pan, pillow, etc.)
  11. Free services, (such as a weekend of babysitting while parents get a break)
  12. Food basket
  13. Hand crafted items (afhgan, quilt, pillow, crocheted table cloth)
  14. Year's supply of those items we detest shopping but always need (toilet paper, tissue, shampoo, cleaning supplies, deodorant, tooth paste, tooth brushes, soap, paper towels, light bulbs)
  15. Book on cd
  16. Gardening supplies
  17. Workshop supplies
  18. Outdoor holiday decorations
  19. BBQ supplies
  20. Outdoor toys (sled, inner tubes, water sport toys)
  21. Magazine subscription
  22. Stationary supplies (envelopes, stamps, birthday cards, thank-you cards)
  23. Photo albums, or supplies for phot albums
  24. Matching family sweatshirts
  25. Family gloves, hats, and scarves
  26. Potted plants, flower bulbs
  27. Fancy Meal for the whole family
  28. Gift certificates (restaurants, movie theater, or grocery store)
  29. First aid kit
  30. Emergency car kit
  31. Board game
  32. Card game