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Halloween Countdown

Countdown to Halloween! Count down in style by pulling off a candy each day for the whole month of October leading up to Halloween!  The great thing is since this is a printable item you can print out as many as you need.

Use glue dots or double sided tape to attach a Hershey kiss over each of the circles to take off each day.

put in a clear glass frame
mount to cardboard and use a plate stand to hold it up
Slip  in a sheet protector and hang on the fridge
punch a few holes in the top and thread some ribbon through and hang it

mount to a piece of metal and use magnets instead of candy on each piece!
mod podge on a ceramic tile then give it a quick spray with a clear-glossy top coat

The possibilities are endless, however you decide to display it... your kids will LOVE it and the question of "How many days until Halloween" will be quickly answered by how many candies are left!