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Fitness Program

Alternate between Interval Walking, which combines short bursts of moderate to fast walking with periods of recovery - is that it boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories and fat, and the Total Body Workout, which strengthens the vital muscles in your abdomen, back, pelvis and hips - promotes balance, good posture, and coordination while toning your arms and legs and increasing your flexibility.

Interval Walking: Start each session with a short walk at a slow or moderate pace to warm up your muscles. Then start intervals. Each interval consists of higher-intensity burst of activity followed by an easier recovery period. End with a short cooldown. Breaking up your walk into fast/slow intervals is better for weight loss. You send your metabolism soaring.

Interval Walking is divided into 4 levels of Intensity: Esy Pace, Moderate Pace, Revved Up, and Supercharged!