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How to Make an Eye Spy Bag

Step 1
Cut Material and Clear Plastic Vynal
Material, 6 in square, 2 - 6in x1 1/2in and 2 - 4in x 1 1/2in
Cut Vynal, 4 in square

Step 2
Sew the 4in strips to plastic (1/4 in seam allowance)

Step 3
Sew the 6 in strips to plastic (1/4 in seam allowance)

Step 4
On right side, sew around square of plastic with a 1/8 seam.

Put wrong sides together and sew around square, leaving an opening for turning.

Step 6
Turn inside out.

Step 7
Fill Bag with Craft Clear Beads.

Step 8
Add about 18-20 buttons.


Step 9
Sew around all edges (1/4 in seam allowance).

** You can make these any size you want! Oh the possibilities!!